Thursday, August 09, 2007

Greece is the word

Bit of an extended absence there, although regular readers should be used to that. I went to Greece - Kefalos to be exact - and have returned with an orange tan and an unfortunate case of water retention that makes me look seven months and not seven weeks pregnant. Great!

K, H and I booked the holiday when pissed at the beginning of June - Hubbo had four stag parties planned over two months and I thought I should have some fun by escaping with the girls for a week of ice cold lager and tzatziki.

This would have actually been the case, was I not knocked up and therefore relegated to the position of The Boring One who sits in the corner being all "orange juice please, Tracy", Phil Mitchell style. I couldn't even go mad on tzatziki, as I've developed an aversion to it due to its yogurty consistency. I have also gone off hummus, which surely proves that there is no justice in this world.

Actually, the holiday itself wasn't too bad. I learned some things, namely that drunk people talk a lot of shit. I also got to tip a glass of water over a German fellow who decided to fall asleep on the walkway outside my apartment and wake me up by snoring at around 120db at 6am. He did not react well, and we had a shout-off for ten minutes before he would accept my sane and rational argument that he was a tit for not going to bed IN HIS BED and went to it.

So, now I'm back. Today I got to have my first experience of Homerton Hospital's antenatal unit - something which can be summed up succintly using the word 'chaos'. I was only dropping some forms off (complete with traditional useless scribbles courtesy of Dr Codeine over the road) and was on the verge of a panic attack. A man in overalls wandered in with a snack trolley at one point and it was like watching a load of angry hawks descending on a deer carcass. Because we're generally quite impatient, we've got an early scan booked on Saturday with a private fellow in town - a Dr Gibb. While I'm quite excited about this, it's not stopped me having nightmares about lying on a bed, bladder full and stomach smeared with swarfega, and suddenly realising a Bee Gee is about to give me an ultrasound while squealing a medley of 1970's 'Gee hits.

Obviously this is not the most exciting thing happening at the moment. No, the most exciting thing is coming back from holiday and having four whole episodes of EastEnders to catch up on (and still having three to watch tonight, if you include tonight's episode!) I see they waited till I got the Easties Comedy Award out of the way before cracking on with those side splitting abandoned rubbish/mouse in caff/robbing of QV bust. Anyway, a few questions which I trust regular readers will be able to help me answer:

1. I thought Phil Mitchell was always a vodka man (I can still picture the bottle hidden cunningly in Kaff's dishwasher). P Mitchell does not strike me as a chap to re-embrace alcoholism with a random bottle of Johnnie Walker or any old toot that's lying around Peggy's drinks globe (which she hasn't got, but really should). He'd make the effort to get himself a bloody good bottle of Smirnoff, neck it and then commence with the purple-faced beatings. I hope that on the plane to Rio he digs out Borehamwood's dog-eared copy of The Soap Guide To Alcoholism and takes notes.

2. Where is most of Samantha Janus's nose?

3. Who wrote to the BBC and complained there weren't enough Rubbish Gangsters in EastEnders anymore, prompting them to bring in this gun-totin' James Dean quotin' Blazing Squad member who is trying to get into the tiresome Lucy Beale's knickers?

4. Not a question, more of an observation: Go away, smackhead sister of Tanya.


That's so pants said...

Hi Ms H

Good to have you back. It's the silly season in Easties, what can you?

Homerton Hospital is silly all year round.



Dandelion said...

1. Yes he was. I remember it that way too.
2. Most of it is on her face. Some of it is up her own bum.
3. Lucy is not tiresome. The chap is though.
4. I'd say go away stupid Tanya for offering money to a junkie. She's only got herself to blame. Rainy, however, is a very stupid name.

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back, i've missed you! And, sadly you have made me randomly watch Eastenders again!Lucy is fabulous...

Miss Hacksaw said...

Thanks Pants. Excellent Easties observations over at your place by the way!

I fear I may have been somewhat naive in expecting Homerton to be a place of peace and harmony. I look forward to many more visits that will send my blood pressure through the roof.

Jo said...

Hello Miss H
After randomly trying to find out about Miss Janus' nose on google I came across your hilarious blog - am still laughing out loud!
So yes, her nose is scary - what the hell has happened to it and why do people get nose jobs when it's blindingly obvious they have had one?
Also - question - who is Tanya's sister? Have I missed something??
Bye for now it was nice meeting you
Kiss Kiss

Ms Baroque said...

1. They are REALLY PUSHING that Brigadoon whisky at the mo! I think the Beeb has bought shares.

Also, in light of recent events eg the chaos that rivals Homerton's antenatal unit (more on that another time, AFTER you've had the baby) it's important to remember that character INconsistency is the new name of the game on Easties. One day I anticipate we'll turn on the telly and it'll say "WestEnders."

2. In the bin.

3. Not me, honey. And he's not even cute. Even for a kid.

4. She did. At least so far. For her to turn up back in the Square, having invested Tania's money in some dope which she then peddles to the Beale and Branning kids, would show too much forward-planning effort on the part of the storyline team, methinks.

Glad you're back Miss H!

Miss Hacksaw said...

Thank you Ms B, for the welcome and also for the ever enlightening comments regarding the Hackney bloggers' favourite show!

I have now caught up with EE, and am chewing my fist with worry that I will never hear Patrick express his love of rum again. I am also hugely enjoying Sean's entertaining use of the copyrighted Grant Mitchell "I was damaged in the war, you know! The waaaarrrr!" acting skillz.