Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Curses to the baseball season! Prison Break and Vanished are on temporary hiatus at the moment, meaning that the Fiance and I have been scouring the depths of the internet for stuff to download. We could, of course, watch British TV but it's just getting worse and worse - even EastEnders is useless at the moment. So, what did we find last night?

An all-new reality programme, pleasingly not featuring Sophie Anderson or Jade Goody. However, it does feature......Mr T.

I Pity the Fool, brought to you by batshit crazy US channel TV Land, features the man himself dressed in a variety of jumpsuits, taking on the role of what TV.com calls a "motivational guru" for those finding professional or personal life hard.

What the fuck? I'd offer an in depth analysis of the programme, but I laughed throughout it to the extent that I couldn't hear what the hell was going on. Apart from this "motivational" gem of course:

"Dude! You only got eight outta twenty! That's like, a third! And third rhymes with...uh...turd! And that's bad."


There was also the pleasing bonus of American adverts to watch as well, which I love. I was especially entranced by the notion of a new snack food over in the States, which seems to comprise of pizza in pastry. Which makes me feel somewhat better about the lardy steak tea I am about to shove down my throat.

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