Saturday, April 28, 2007



I was just in the middle of writing a long, ranting and rather scaremongering entry about various violent run-ins with London nutters I've had in the last two weeks or so; when I had to save it swiftly and start a new one.

In the last post I wrote, which was an admittedly lame one in anyone's book, I was moaning on about the snapping turtle song that accompanies the seventeen Orange ads I see each day (yeah, I finally figured out what the ad was for. Or rather, Google did) and comforting myself with the fact that at least I didn't have the sodding Frosties 'Its gonna taste great!' jingle in my head.

Now, not so much. After the international outcry about the irritance factor of said advert ("I can hear the sound of Frosties hittin' me plaaaate!") I thought that whatever besuited ad executive who has the misfortune to hold the Kelloggs account and was stupid enough to come up with this had been fired, Alan Sugar style ("you've gone from anchor to wanker"), but no.

There's a new damn Frosties advert. It uses the same jingle. It makes me want to cry.

Come back, snapping turtle. All is forgiven.

"Even ladies with per-so-na-lised number plates!" Shut up, Kelloggs.


Dandelion said...

Oooh, tell us about the London nutters!

Miss Hacksaw said...

The post will be up soon! If you want a spoiler, then I'll tell you that one of them involves a Wood Green gypsy.

That's so pants said...

I'll be looking out for that one.