Monday, May 07, 2007

Bradley Branning is a genius

For years, medical professionals have been trying to cure the phenomenon that is man-flu. Lemsips, Strepsils and Night Nurse have all failed the test. Doctors all over the globe scratch their heads and try to come up with a solution.

Fear not! As ever, EastEnders has come up with the answer, thanks to the flushed-of-face, red-of-hair buffoon that is Bradley Branning.

And that answer seems to be.....Haribo. Ugh.

In other EastEnders news, I see that Polish builders have finally migrated their way from Chiswick to Walford. Polish builders + Ian Beale = comedy genius.

In non-television related news, I will write a proper entry soon. The violent London entry went on hiatus, then Blogger ate it and I can't quite get the new version to come right. In the meantime, stay tuned for more soap-related tosh and a rant about Donald Trump's hair.


That's so pants said...

Used to be that you could go away for three months or even years and come back and catch up on East Enders within five minutes. You'd simply have to ask someone why Sharon has come back and who's that bloke she's with. Now I just can't pick it up again. All these babies! I can't work out why Honey had a Downs baby called Petal that she wanted to have adopted out and then managed to exchange her for another Downs baby called Janet that she loves to bits.

Ms Baroque said...

I love the Polish builders. I really hope they become regulars. Did you see Ian Beale's face as he was creeping up the Mitchell's side alley carrying that bag of cement?

I think I cam say it was a sight more entertaining than all that CODSWALLOP we had tonight with Stacey/Bradley/Max. TSP, prepare yourself for more babies.

Miss H, I love that I can come here and talk about EastEnders.

Miss Hacksaw said...

Ms B, I love the fact that people actually come to this website to talk about EastEnders. I suppose it's all I actually write about ever, apart from adverts, so I shouldn't be too surprised. I'm thinking about just turning the world of Hacksaw into a Television Without Pity style snarky EastEnders recap site to be honest.

I also heart the Polish builders. I love the fact that merely antagonising Beale entitled them to "fwee dwinks fer all!" in the Vic (well, until the bogs broke.)