Sunday, May 20, 2007

I love....

...the fact that Patrick in EastEnders gets turned on by chicken.

I don't love the fact that I write so frequently about EastEnders that I have had to give it its own label.


Dandelion said...

I feel the opposite to you. I don't love Patrick liking chicken. But I do love you having an EastEnders label full of posts. That's why I moved here.

And ps: Wot no commentry on Friday's heart-stopping effort?

Ms Baroque said...

Friday's episode was unworthy. The nly question was whether Ian was going to blame Phil for almost killing his kid, or praise him for saving him. I had to leave the room.

Patrick can be turned on by chicken, if he likes - I don't expect him to operate in ways I can relate to! Anyway, it was more probably the idea of Yolande in her pinny cooking that did it.

I too have an EasatEnders label, so naturally I see nothing wrong with it!

Dandelion said...

I think Ms Baroque is jealous because you have more Easties posts than she does...:-)