Tuesday, May 29, 2007

All bets are off

Damn you Albert Square! (shakes fist)

I had a bet with a mate that EastEnders wouldn't even acknowledge the smoking ban. I am now a tenner poorer.

While I admire this up to date, on the ball with current affairs approach to storylines, I'd much rather the behind the scenes sorts dedicated their efforts to buying Libby a decent bra.


Dandelion said...

Libby? I was wondering why Abbie is wearing a bra at all, when she can't be much older than, what, 9?

That's so pants said...

Didn't she used to be called Squiggle? I lost track after the Petal/Janet thing. It used to be they only changed their LAST names every five minutes. Those were the days. How long has it been since Pat's had a husband? or Peggy? Don't seem right some'ow.

Miss Hacksaw said...

Abbiw wears a bra? Or was that just in the episode where Stacey dressed them up like a couple of hookers?

Hola, Ms Pants. Libby used to be Squiggle, but had a Button/Hannah from Neighbours style breakdown about the whole thing and now insists upon being called by her proper name.

Don't know how long its been since either Pegster or Pat had a husband, but one of them wants to get one soon, if only for the reason that the other will sleep with said husband and there'll be a vintage bitch fight in the Vic, hpefully using the Queen V bust as a weapon. Ah, glory days.

Ms Baroque said...

I'm with you, I'm with you, Miss H. I also want more of that Polish builder - do you think they'll work him into the story?

It does seem to be improving a bit lately, do we think?

Miss Hacksaw said...

Hah, the Polish builder. He had some lines on Thursday I believe, he was being Europeanly sinister and greasy to Dino in the Vic. On the Pat/Peggy love interest front, I hear that Burnside from the Bill is rocking up to have a roll or two in the hay with Pat and her Suggestive Eyebrows. Awesome.

I agree, its not been as toe curlingly awful of late. I am particularly enjoying the return of Sean, who I have developed an unfortunate girly crush on (you can tell 24's over and done with for the season when I start fancying EastEnders people). I also enjoyed Dot's giving up smoking attempt on Tuesday, although was disappointed that she didn't actually light that bleach-soaked fag.