Thursday, May 10, 2007


Someone got to this website by typing into Google "toms mum has sweaty beef curtains".

I'm not sure who should be more embarrassed by this fact, them or me.


That's so pants said...

Now that is worrying - but it has to be to do with your coverage of EastEnders, surely. Although, Tom died in a fire, didn't he? Were beef curtains the cause?

Miss Hacksaw said...

Ha! Surely beef curtains on fire just ends up being beef jerky?

Also, you're 'Stenders archive knowledge is fantastic. Will people in five years time remember the current Albert Square lurgy storyline? I hope not for their sakes.

Ms Baroque said...

Ha! I got "motivational poems about being an elegant lady"! (I also love the regular ones I get that go "what is Dot Branning doing with that baby". Unfortunately, I can't do much for those people.)

Miss Hacksaw said...

Just goes to show how much classier your blog is than mine, Ms B. This is proved by the fact that someone got here today by googling 'saw her clitoris'. Unfortunate.

In other news, don't even get me started on the Dot baby storyline. Although I was suitably startled tonight by the 'Max Branning buried alive' revelations. It's not often I'm surprised by EastEnders, and when it happens I get all in a tizzy.

Ms Baroque said...

Late edition, dateline Saturday. I LEFT THE ROOM last night on purpose to MISS the horrendous car crash fiasco. What the hell is going on, I ask you. And last week Dot was going insane and now she's perfectly fine.