Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Update: Easties Awards 2007

Well, the nominations are flying in, thanks to the fragrant Ms Baroque and the fantastically informed Dandelion, whose website I cannot get to at the moment for some reason but who I will link as soon as I can.

Thrillingly, we have feast of new categories to add, sponsored by said bloggers in homage to their Easties love.

First up, its the Dandelion Award for Best Life Advice. I already have a winner in mind, but could easily be persuaded to change my mind if a sound nomination is sent in.

Next, it's the three Baroque Awards for Most Tiresome Storyline Ever (a veritable bounty of choices for that on); Classic Moments We'd Hate to Have Missed (Beale's vasectomy anyone? Oh, just me then) And Best EastEnders Thing Ever.

Get nominating, soapfans. The awards ceremony will take place next week. Beale's getting a pig's head in specially, and there'll no doubt be a classic bust up afterwards in the traditon of all good Queen Vic hosted events.


Dandelion said...

Miss Hack! I am here

Should I specify the Life Advice concerned in my nomination of Julie? It's wicked. I feel sure it will win.

Dandelion said...

CMWHTHM award - could we have Ian's wedding to Cindy, in the registry office, in a scarlet tent-dress, heavily pregnant with her bastard son? Or Ian's bankrupty? Or, though it's obvious, Angie's christmas divorce?

Dandelion said...

ps Could we also have Saddest Death? or failing that, Saddest Death In Car Accident?

That's so pants said...

OMG - I want to play.

Miss Hacksaw said...

Pants - get in there and nominate!

Dandelion - Saddest Death is officially added to the list of categories.

Ms Baroque said...

Hm, saddest death. Is it Paul Truman, for simply disappearing - oops, that could be Jake, too - or Barry "Did He Jump Or Was He Pushed" Evans?

Miss Hacksaw said...

My vote's with Barry, if only for Janine's "if only he hadn't worn plastic shoes!" lament.

Dandelion said...

But what about Sharon's fireman husband that she loved? Or Little Dennis? Or Arthur Fowler? Or Mark, or Jamie? Or Nick Cotton's son? Or Sue and Ali Osman's cot-death baby from back in the day?

No, but my vote goes for Ethel.