Thursday, August 23, 2007

Signs that I am slowly going insane

1. At 8.45am I thought a McDonalds breakfast would be just the ticket to calm that pesky growling nausea.

2. This evening I apologised to a pregnant woman I bumped into by mistake, and then gave her the "Morning sickness eh! That's a lark!" eye contact over the Moses baskets when I realised it was a mannequin.

3. Went to Hamleys, for God's sake. An expedition which nearly ended in the nobbling of the hyperactive "Everybody! You have fun tonight!" demonstrator fellow with a junior telescope.

4. After whizzing all the meatball ingredients together in the Kenwood, tried to disentangle the lump of meaty goodness from the blades using my hand and not a wooden spoon; and as a result am sporting a large ACME style bandage round my middle finger.

5. Of all the songs that could be in my head to musically illustrate this post, I have got that "Out of your Mind" one, as squawked by Dane Bowers and Victoria Beckham.



That's so pants said...

Hi Ms Hacksaw

I think you're doing fine. Pop down to The Mangal and get a kebab - it tastes as good as it smells. Maybe you shouldn't trust me because I'm a matron who has had Dane Bowers' 'Testosterone' virtually on continuous rotation for the last six years.

Bless you and baby



Miss Hacksaw said...

Aw, thanks Pants! What the hell is it about Bowers? I've just noticed that he's had two mentions on my blog in just over a week, which is quite frankly disturbing.

Thank you for the suggestion of a kebab, however I shall be sticking to my current favourite snack item of bread xx

Anonymous said...
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