Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Think on

In response to 'anonymous', who courageously left a comment on my previous post asking if I was the only woman to have ever been pregnant before (which I have now removed BECAUSE I CAN): don't be so silly. A quick trip to Google will prove to you that that is blatantly not the case.

I can't believe I've got dickhead comments about this and not about any of the EastEnders drivel I come out with.


Dandelion said...

Well, I think that's hilarious! You should have said yes :-)

That anonymous is obviously not a woman that's ever been pregnant before, or a person with a great deal of imagination. Otherwise they would know it's the most wondrous miracle known to man.

Rachel said...

I hope that they weren't the same anonymous commenter who frequently comments on my blog and who thought they'd point out that my posts make them think I'm middle-class.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it!

Ps. congratulations on the baby by the way, even if you're clearly not the first or last to become pregnant, it's still exciting!

Quink said...

Crikey,, I am behind the times. Junior Hacksaw, eh? Very funny and very good news. Invisible Quink is now 11 months old and it's been a long and unmissable 11 months. Nor is he in any way still invisible...

Miss Hacksaw said...

Thank you everyone. Quink, I fear I shall be coming to you, Dave and Ms B quite a bit over the coming months for parenting advice. Glad to hear IQ is thriving!

Thanks also Dandelion and Rachel - some people just don't seem to get the point of personal blogs do they?

That's so pants said...

Hi Ms H

Hope all is well with you. You can come to me for parenting advice btw - I don't know anything mind but that's never stopped me having a view before. I do know where all the One O'clock Clubs in Hackney are located if that's any help.



Ms Baroque said...

Fie, Miss H! I've never seen you write any drivel about EastEnders - you invariably turn out amusingly trenchant comment.

Don't ask me for advice. I'll only ask for all the particulars, talk through every nuance of the situation, and then tell you it's all about common sense and liking your kids.

My parenting mantra, for what it's worth: "It's a baby, not a hothouse orchid."