Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Walford bankers...

I wish I lived in Walford, where the banks are apparently open for business on Sundays. It's a bit different to my local branch, which at present is undergoing some extensive wallpapering that prevents them from providing anything approaching a service.

However, I can console myself with the thought that if I was signed up with the Bank of Walford I'd spend most of my life staring at the screen of the cashpoint near the tube while it mockingly told me I had an available balance of £0.00, like everyone else on EastEnders.


Dandelion said...

Like everyone else except Tanya. She's been squirrelling it away, the little miss goody two-shoes. I think I'd turn to heroine if I had a sister like that.

But why were they going on about it being Sunday when it is obviously a Tuesday? I didn't get that. You can have a touch of Sunday in a Monday episode, but that's it. Time should have caught up by Tuesday, surely? What day was it in Walford yesterday?

Ms Baroque said...

Do we think Bradders is having some sort of assignation?